RSVP Settings and Configuration

Somewhere near the bottom of the event editor, you should find settings relating to RSVPs:

Screenshot of RSVP settings in the event editor

It’s pretty straightforward, consisting of just two options and links to let you view confirmed attendances and absences.

Enable RSVPs

Event Rocket does not assume that you wish to provide RSVP functionality for every event. Normally, then, you need to enable this by checking the relevant checkbox. Until you do this, users cannot confirm their attendance.

Restrict to logged in users

It’s entirely possible to let anonymous users RSVP to an event, but this setting is generally recommended and means only authenticated users will be able to RSVP.


2 thoughts on “RSVP Settings and Configuration

  1. Thanks for such a great plugin. I don’t what happened but I don’t see RSVP section that I Could see earlier. I deactivated, uninstalled and activated again but none of my sites shown RSVP section anymore. Neither to event editor nor to attendees. Dont understand what I am doing wrong?
    My site


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