RSVP Front End Form

The default form exposed to users is basic by design:

Showing the basic frontend RSVP form

Users can mark themselves as able to attend (or as unable to attend) and, if they are an authenticated user, will subsequently be able to change their attendance status:

Showing the withdrawal form for an attending user

Naturally, for unauthenticated users, this isn’t possible (we can’t reliably track them). Information on the number of confirmed attendances and absences is available via the event editor.

Change where it displays

Under default conditions, the RSVP form displays fairly low down on single event pages. This is quite easy to change by unhooking it and rehooking (similar in principle to the way you might relocate a ticketing form if you are a user of an official The Events Calendar-ticketing solution).

Here’s an example of moving it higher (so that it appears above the event description):

Change how it looks by CSS

The form is fairly basic and so you can easily target various things within it via the classes, as follows:

Change how it looks, period

As you might expect, you can override the template completely. Simply follow the normal rules and setup a new rsvp-form.php template in your theme’s tribe-events sub-directory.

When doing this you may wish to initially base your custom template on the original found at:



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