Event Rocket currently provides the following shortcodes. To embed and list events, venues and organizers, use any of these:

To generate custom event export/download links:

Additionally, the following shortcodes – which are wrappers around widgets – are also available, however please read on before using them:

  • event_rocket_list
  • event_rocket_calendar*
  • event_rocket_countdown*
  • event_rocket_venue*

The last three are only available to users of Events Calendar PRO. However, Events Calendar PRO now ships with its own shortcodes replicating the functionality of those listed above – for that reason, use of all four shortcodes is discouraged for PRO users.

If you do not use Events Calendar PRO, however, please do feel free to continue using the [event_rocket_list] shortcode 🙂


6 thoughts on “Shortcodes

    1. Yes, you definitely can keep using them if you want to.

      They aren’t disabled (I didn’t want to trigger breakages for those folks who are currently using them) – it’s more that their continued use is discouraged, for Events Calendar PRO users in particular.

      At some distant future point I may remove them, though I’d give plenty of notice before doing so. The key thing to note however is that since Events Calendar PRO ships its own official versions of these shortcodes I will no longer actively maintain the corresponding widget wrappers provided by Event Rocket.

      For the moment, though, they will/should continue to operate as expected 🙂


    1. I’d love to help, but this isn’t the best avenue for that. Please post on the support forum and include a little more detail (which shortcodes exactly and how and where are you using them, which Modern Tribe plugins you are using at the same time, etc).


    1. Hi Jay,

      None of these shortcodes will provide that sort of drop-in capability (of embedding the full month view in another page/post).

      The closest alternative is the [tribe_mini_calendar] shortcode that ships with Events Calendar PRO, or I guess you could theoretically build up a view with the [event_embed] shortcode that looks just like regular month view.


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