Organizer Embed

Sometimes it is convenient to embed a list of one or more venues within a page or post, and the [organizer_embed] shortcode can be used for this purpose.

Used by itself with no parameters it will generate a list of all organizers that have upcoming events. Organizers who have no forthcoming events will not be listed by default – though this can easily be changed.

Here’s a list of parameters accepted by [organizer_embed]:

  • organizer (or organizers)
  • with_events
  • template

Listing specific venues

Just like the [event_embed] shortcode, it is possible to specify organizer slugs and IDs to include and exclude.

This is an example of including three specific organizers, one indicated by its slugs and two by their post IDs:

[organizer_embed organizers="john-smith, 128, 32"]

Here is an example that will list all organizers (with upcoming events) but exclude two specific organizers:

[organizer_embed organizers="-2048, -jenn-klaxon"]

Note the use of – (minus sign) operators. Finally, we can circumvent the restriction on only including organizers with upcoming events as follows:

[organizer_embed with_events="no"]


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